Sunday, May 25, 2008


bloggers not letting me add pic can any 1 help me?

I been tagged!

I have been tagged by my sweet new friend Emmy to list 10 weird or random facts or habits about myself!

1.I will just start laughing in dead silence!
2.I will laugh abut somthing from like a mounth ago!
3.I wach spongebob!
4.My cats name is a human name---Crystal
5.Most of my weekends are spend on myspace
6.I luv my yahoo messenger wouldnt know what to do with out it!
7.I would die w/ out my sunglasses!
8.I own 2 totes of shoes!
9.I allways say when i get confused or lost "It's because I am a blondie"
10.I procrastinat on my h.w!


I have not been posting as you all know!So just to letting everybody know I am now posting=]

Saturday, May 10, 2008


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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mother's Day Card!

Today i made a card for my mom!I know that she will like it=]
What i used!
1.Berry Bliss paper from S.U
2.Miss Elizabeths butterflys n alphabet stickers
3.My butterfly stamp from The Dollor Tree!
4.Color pencils(to put to:_,from:_)

Look out for!!

I have updated my blog!I allso have some things to be looking out for todayor sumthime!=]

1.Mother's Day card(still have to make)
2.Michelles(when mi sista lets me no that Michelle has it ill upload it)
3.A l.o of sum kind
4.another baby card
5.My new shoes+necklace(ok sis getin to it)


My hommie Nick gets outta 12th grade this year!He is going into the Navy.So we r goin to try to stay in touch the best that we can!So i made him a card for his Graduation to show that i care!!I no that he will like it!!=]

Baby invite!

My bff Tia has a sister!Her sister is having a baby!There was allready a baby shower n all but i took a while to upload this!So each one of her frinds decided to baby a intive for them!This is mine!It's a boy it says on the inside=]