Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My favortie song=]

Shontelle - T-Shirt

My fav song ever

Monday, October 20, 2008

My friend Carrie Ann's picture blog!!

My friend Carrie Ann r really close. My sister told her to make a blog since she has so many wonderfull pictures!

I helped her set it up.When she gets home shes gonna do another post!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Scrappin # 29

It's Sunday Scrappin time, I really enjoy this group. The ladies in this group are so friendly and gave me a big warm welcome to their group, be sure to go to Sunday Scrappin and check out what they have made.

When I go to my sister's house I usually take one or two or three of her cards that I really like. I made this card and made sure that I took it home with me because my sister was trying to take it from me she liked it so much. I am really proud of how this card turned out. My sister Chrissy taught me how to layer a image, I really like how it looks.

At school my reading teacher is the same teacher that my sister had when she was in school. The teacher was asking what my sister was up to and I shared my sister's blog address with her. Once she pulled it up she yelled that we make cards and she hasn't received any yet. So I made this card for her. My sister had a card from her stash that I'm going to give to the teacher on Monday, it will make her day. My sister also had a sympathy card she made that she didn't like but that was one of the one's the teacher liked so my sister being the silly girl she is gave the teacher a sympathy card for dealing with me, don't worry the teacher has a great sense of humor, she's going to get a real kick out of it.


My sister is going to help me make a shaker card
Start thinking about my Christmas cards

This weeks Sunday Scrappin Challenge is to make something fuzzy. This is my type of challenge!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Wanna see a cool new way to scrapbook.

If you have photo bucket account you can make scrap book pages.
At the top it says scrapbooks, click that then click start now, they are all ready pre made. They are really cute!
Play around w/ it.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Scrappin # 48

This cardmaking craft is getting very addicting. I received a big warm welcome to Sunday Scrappin a few weeks ago that I decided to be a regular poster on the group. I look forward to learning new things from all of you, and I especially enjoy this hobby because I get to spend time with my sister Chrissy.

My Ta Da's

This card is for the first challenge I ever participated in. The Challenge last week was to make something orange, and this card is orange. The alphabet stickers are from my sister's stash I think she said she got it in some monthly scrap kit that she used to be part of. As soon as my sister told me what the challenge was I knew I wanted to make this card.

My Ta Do's

I have to start thinking about what I am going to make for Christmas cards this year

I want to make another thanksgiving or Halloween card and they will be done

I need to snoop around my sister's craft room to fine the Halloween card she made it, she hasn't posted it yet and I don't like waiting because she always makes me Kool cards.

This weeks Sunday Scrappin Challenge is to make something clear. It could be acetate used for a shaker card, an altered container that's clear, a piece of clear-ish vellum.... use your imagination! I'm going to need my sister's help on this one.

Have a crafty week!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Oct 1st

I am being very ramdom

What do u think

I am in my tech class in skool right now. I am listening to Neyo=]
I just realized thati cant scrapbook this weekend because my family is here.
So since i cant do that I should do a photo shoot of my weekend??
like of tobby me n my friends my kitty?
Than I share my weekend!!
What do u think?