Thursday, April 24, 2008

The poll

the poll is not on my blog and is not wroking!I will let u no when the poll for"Your Fav spring acttivity" is workin.But for now it's not!!

Father B-Day card!

Well on Sun was my dad b-day!I used cranyons,and cicles to make the bollons.On the inside i used an I cream sizit (flavors:yellow n brown,cone:brown) that my sis gave me,and colored in the candy mint stamps on the inside!It reads"Hope your b-day is as sweet as you!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A new Poll out!

I made a new poll.It opens today n i put for the time for it to close is 5/1/08 5:00pm!It;s about ur favorite spring actitity!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Me n Cats kids!

Well around bout Jan right after i fell in the pound me n Cat found my furbuy!We acted like parents n stuff!Well in Feb Cookies died!Cookies is r baby/furbuy!My dad tryed to fix her but it didnt work=[.We also acted like parents to a monkey my dad won @ a fair for me!We named him Expo.Then took on my kitty Crystal!!
< Cat Cookies9the pink one)Crystal(the black one) Expo(the light brown one)!!Familyyyy

My Cat

My cat needs to get into everything!Well in the first pic i put the frog on him!In the 2nd pic she went into the whole from the bed thing when claering out my room!

Teddy Bears=]

Teddy bEAR L.O!I got bored during the week so i made a teddy l.o!I used the papper i ordered from my sister!Then colored the bears n stuff=] yeh!!

My sewing project=]

The blue frog!!LOL!Well not to much to say here!But um.. yet i sewed the whole thing put the eyes tounge n lied it up ect..=] came out good for the first time=]

My new room!!

Well up here in Ny we have Spring Break!So my room is gettin painted pink n getting new sheets n stuff(allready got) n getting a chair!So as of today my room is cleared out so ima gonna crash on the floor w/ my matress!!LOL!Well this is a pic of all the stuff that stuff that needs to be taken out(allready is).There was more stuff ont he wall but i forgot to take a pic!!So tomorrow when everything is kool i will take a pic!It's not done yet=[!Cant wait

Srry Boston Red Sox Fans!!

U no wut that takes guts!In the new,New York Yankee Staduim the guys that were workin on it were Red Sox Fans.In the dug out of the other team they put a RedSox jersey thing!UGGG The place is runied!!Today my dad went online n read that they took it out!!Thank U God!!!
Srry Red Sox fans!Yankees rule n Derek Jeter is sexxi=]


Thank you everyone that voted on my poll!It kool to no wut ppl like to do!!=] Thats the kool thing bout scrapbooking=]
Thanks every one who voted

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sum of my peeps!

Well the reason i am doing.The reason is cuz my friends r my hommies!And on myspace today is friendship day for every in r county!What u do if u have a myspace u choose ur bestfriends n write a bulliten post sumthing on myspace!So i want to do sumthign on my blog so ima going 2 do it here too!I choosed


This(above) is my hommie/boyfriend Eic. hommies till the end!We first started tlking to each other when we sat together on the bus cuz there was no other seats!Started tlking a few weeks ago asked eachother out well it happend n ima happy=]!He was the person to teach me the Soijlia Boy dance LOL=]

Then there is Jackie(green shirt,Ima in the pink looking lost) She ant scared to tell anyone or anything!She allways there when u need a laugh!We all live up the bus in the morning!=]We all just no how to have have fun!We call are town EastBumFuck!Cuz theres nothing to do!So r little thing is EASTBUMFUCK YEH YEH!!Then one day a fat kid yellin @ us saying "Ur all mofo crackheads"Jakie goses off!Then I turn around n say"Just cuz I rode the short bus when i was little dose'nt make me dumb"(I never rode a short bus)So now when we c a short bus we go "SHORRRRRT BUSSS!!)Allso when i walk down the high skool wing(jackies in 9 ima in 7th) She will yell as loud as she can KAYLA LAST ----- MY BFF!!BFF=]

Me n Cat(Cat=one in black me one in the stripes)We have killed the songs "Show Stoppin","Let It Go By Keyshia Cole" and "In Heven" (Eic said thats r song=]) We r so ramdom!We joke around alot n have alot of fun together!We allways yell gurls just wanna have funn!LOL!!This is allso the gurl that saved me from diying in the pond that i fell in!=] All be blondes for life Kayla + Cat

Carrie (one in blue strped shirt n mine n her besstie Amanda).Wut do i say holly crap she beat upa kid sayin u dont mess round w/ my bitch!LOL!Me n Carrie r bitches for life=]! Me n her luv to tlk hang out chill!Its so when we r together!We walked down my driveway one time after skool acting like we were WANNA BE gangsters!Grabing r slefs ect... Carrie was wearing heals n they broke!Tlk bout funny!=] My bitch for life Carrie=]

This is Me(Kayla)!The gurl w/ the kick ass friends!The sexxi boyfriend=] I have alot more friends!I luv my friends .I will allways be there for them!We can all trust eachother all the same!Hommies Peeps Asshole freaks wutever ppl may call us!We r all friends n will ALLWAYS be there for eachother=]

luv u guys

*hugs to friends sissy n eic=]

Projects n Storys!

Well Monday is here once again!Cant wait on more week till spring break!Yeah!Well to start off i go in to home n careers to start sewing my frog!Well to start off my early morn in the Middle @ 7:30 it falls apart!So now for the rest of the week i have to stay inside to fix it up so i get a good grade!But this couldnt happen when it wasnt nice out!!So when thats done ima going to upload a pic of that!!My frogs blue LOL!!Then in the last period Spanish!Well we call it blocks wut ever!Well in Block 4 (last class 1:00-2:15) u can allways get cheered up=]!Well we are leaning bout skool stuff n wut u put in ur backpack!R class got done early so we had to color Doras Backpack! Me n my hommie Matt get done coloring ours so we look @ each other w/ this wierd look!We get up in frount of the class w/ r coloing things n said singing"Backpack,Backpack"Then my friend paul cums up n says yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!me n matt say"Backpack,Backpack""Where dose Dora go?" I go "THHHHHHHHE LAKE,OR THEEEEEE MOUNTIANS!"Matt yells swiper no swiping!the class goes dora dora dora the expoler!R spanish teacher was laughing her ass off!! So when i get that back if i do ima gonna upload that too=]

A Baby Card!

Well I made this baby card for my ex best friend's sister n her baby! Well now we are not friends due to issues.So my math teacher's wife had a baby so i gave it to them!He loved the card!So hopefully he will up my math grade!LOL JKJK!Well on the front it says baby w/ to babies on the sides!Then there is a giraffe on a bord type thing thats says for baby!On the inside (as show n below) there is a duck n a oncie thing that says yeh baby!The there is a qoute thing that say"A new little baby to cuddle and love,a bundle from heven to think the world of!"

Sunday, April 6, 2008


A little while ago i made a poll!Its asking wut is ur fav scrapbooking activity!Its not long takes not even 10 secs!It right off to the side u have 6 days Kayla!

Look @ wut my sister gave me!

Look @ wut my sis gave me!I have no clue wut it is but looks n sounds nice lol!!